At the end of April, I will be attending a picnic down in Bakersfield on a friend's family ranch. Every April Laura and her family invite all of their friends out to their ranch for some frolicking in the sun, and every August they invite the same people to a reggae party at their beach house on the strip in Hermosa. Last August I spent the weekend at their house and had the most amazing time. So much so that I do not want to show up empty handed to their picnic. That's why I asked you to search the web for the perfect picnic basket. You saved your baskets in the Yum Market on TeamSugar with the keyword tag Picnic Basket. Here are the baskets that I think the Cattani family would enjoy the most:

How cool is this backpack picnic basket that SU3 found? Part basket, part backpack, part cooler, this unique and functional rattan food transporter takes picnicking to a whole new chic level. Includes an insulated wine tote, food compartment and blanket holder.

Two more so

SU3 certainly shined in her search for the ultimate picnic basket. She not only found a suitable basket for their ranch house, but she found one that they can use at the beach house as well! Its low height and wide body make it ideal for carrying bottles, blankets, and snacks. Don't like the turquoise water print? Lucky you, it comes in two other prints.

I saved the picnic basket I secretly want to buy myself for last. DesignRchic discovered this mini grill in cooler bag. Now you can tailgate with ease whenever you want (at the ranch, on the beach, near a lake, etc.) and have a hot dog and a cold beer at your finger tips all in one portable handbag.

Thanks for helping me out girls! Read geeksugar's explanation to understand the Yum Market.