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Not too long ago, two of my very good friends Enrique and Elizabeth fell in love (ok maybe I'm jumping the gun here but according to my other girlfriend Eli they were totally all over each other at the Fito concert last Friday night). To show how he feels, Enrique asked me to help him plan a romantic surprise dinner for her! He wanted me to come up with a romantic meatless menu because Elizabeth doesn't eat meat (she does eat fish) and he is mostly used to cooking dishes based with chicken, pork, or beef. I asked you to help me out by adding your best romantic recipes to the recipe database and tagging them with the keywords Romantic Meatless Dinner. A super special thanks to crispet1 for coming up with a delicious and wonderful menu.
To start, crispet1 has Enrique making a simple yet extravagant appetizer of
Baked Scallops Waldo


To see the rest of crispet1's romantic meatless dinner menu,

For the second course Enrique will serve a scrumptious
Splendid Raspberry Spinach Salad

. As the main he'll serve a classic Spanish favorite: rice with the traditional Italian technique. crispet1's
Wild Mushroom Risotto

is made with vegetable broth making it completely vegetarian friendly. A Valentine's meal would not be complete without a sweet ending.
Molten Mocha Cakes

look mouth-watering good and will be the perfect finish to a perfect meal.

Click on an image below to take a peek at the recipes.

Baked Scallops Waldo Splendid Raspberry Spinach Salad Wild Mushroom Risotto Molten Mocha Cakes

To learn how to save your recipes to the database please read geeksugar's explanation.

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