A little while ago I asked you to help me with some tasty Super Bowl snacks to feed my older brother's friends, PJ and Matt, during the game on Sunday. The food has to be

  • filling: PJ manages a gym and Matt coaches a college baseball team-so these boys like to eat
  • simple: nothing too gourmet or fancy for these boys it is after all, a football game
  • easy to make: no gadgets or crazy pots necessary.

You saved your recipes and Super Bowl snack accessories in the recipe database and Yum Market, respectively with the tag Super Bowl Snacks. Here's my top picks of what you found:

Chiefdishwasher posted a recipe for pigs in a blanket that consists of two easy store bought ingredients. Simply roll up little cocktail hot dogs in pre-made biscuit dough from the refrigerator section of your supermarket for a bite sized snack that is pure genius. I going to take the advice listed and add a tiny glob of mustard and piece of cheese.
More game day snacks, so

You can't watch the Super Bowl without some form of chips and dips, so I'll be making a fresh batch of Crispet1's spicy southwestern corn salsa. Lime juice, cilantro, and jalapeno give this salsa an extra punch that is sure to keep the boys reaching for their Bud Lights (yes these boys love light beer).

For a little something sweet I'll make Rubialala's slacker jacks a scrumptious sounding sweet snack mixture of popcorn, peanuts, butter, brown sugar, and vanilla. If there is any left over I'll leave it for the boys to munch on for the next few days.

I know these boys have a very nice glass table in their apartment (along with an amazing, perfectly sized flat screen television) so I'll be sure to bring over the cute little football coasters that celebrity_soup saved in the Yum Market.

Thanks for sharing your super Super Bowl recipes with me girls! I hope everyone has a fabulous game day. Go Bears!

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