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Off to Market Recap: Thanksgiving Accessories

Pfaltzgraff at ShopStyle

Creating a memorable Thanksgiving is not just about serving a moist turkey and flavorful pureed potatoes. It's also about enjoying a meal with loved ones! To get excited for the big day, I searched the Internet for festive table accessories and functional turkey tools. Then I used our wonderful bookmarking device to save the products in the Off to Market group in the YumSugar Community.

This allows me to share all of my discoveries with you in one easy widget! I'm absolutely crazy for this three-section leaf server ($30). It can be used for appetizers like nuts, olives, and chunks of cheese. Or for the main meal, fill the acorn center with gravy and the surrounding dishes with turkey, sectioning off the dark and light meat.

Interested in learning more about bookmarking and creating product widgets? Check out the complete instructions here.

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