Last week I asked you to help me help Julie come up with a wonderful wedding favor for her impending nuptials. I'm providing her with plenty of inspirational ideas to ensure she has months of stress-free planning ahead of her. I asked you to search the web for the most creative, memorable wedding favors for Julie. You saved your favors in the Yum Market on TeamSugar and labeled them with the keyword Wedding Favors.

I love the idea of a favor that is actually something your guests can use in their everyday life. Celebrity_soup must feel the same way because she found this chrome (love) letter opener. A letter opener is an item that nobody really buys themselves, but if everyone had one they would use it on a daily basis making it the perfect favor.

A few more favors so

Another useful favor was submitted by SU3. Spice packets that come in five fabulous flavors: Thai, herbs de Provence, Indian, Mexican, and Italian. These are fun for the couple who loves to travel and experiment in the kitchen.

SU3 was a super star diva in the wedding favor category and she also discovered these edible favors in the shape of an elegant wedding cake. Everyone loves cookies and your guests will be happy to eat their cookie the moment they see it or savor it at a later date.

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