Last week I planned Julie's wedding. I asked you to help me with her look and search the web for a beautiful table setting. You saved anything along these lines: tablecloths, silverware, plates, vases, flowers, candles, and cool centerpieces in the Yum Market on TeamSugar with the keyword tag, Wedding Table. You certainly did not let Julie or I down and suggested awesome ideas and fabulous finds. The picture at right is the actual room where the reception will take place so let's use this as our inspiration to suggest a beautiful tablescape for Julie.

Lorioz found this beautiful flatware that is adorned with tiny little love knots. Chic and simple and perfect for Julie's black tie formal reception. These match the champagne glasses I found for Julie's wedding toast!

For more,

I love the idea of using square plates on a round table for an artistic touch to emphasize the graphic carpet (which I LOVE by the way, it's so cool to have a huge part of the decor done without doing anything!). SU3 must feel the same way because she found the gorgeous angular platters.

SU3 also discovered an amazing website that Julie will most likely use. It lets you create customized chaircovers for your wedding in whatever style and color you choose. I like the black satin, it's sleek and will accent the carpet. Since the carpet is so busy no additional ribbons or bows are necessary.

Thanks for your help girls! Awesome job on this one. Keep on submitting stuff to the Yum Market to share with all of us!