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One of my best guy friends, Enrique, recently started dating one of my best girl friends, Elizabeth. Now Valentine's Day is coming up and Enrique asked me to help him plan a romantic surprise dinner for her (isn't that incredibly sweet? He's such an awesome guy!). He is a moderate level cook who likes to experiment in the kitchen, but needs me to come up with a meatless meal (Elizabeth doesn't eat meat, but fish is okay). He is mostly used to cooking dishes based with chicken, pork, or beef, so could use some ideas. Now I'm a hyper carnivore myself and that's why I need your help! I want you to send me your best romantic, aphrodisiac, vegetarian (or fish) recipes to create this menu: first course (appetizer), second course (soup/salad/pasta), third course (entrée), and fourth course (dessert). Post your recipes in the recipe database tagged with the phrase, Romantic Meatless Dinner. If you know a great wine that pairs perfectly with your dish, save it in the Yum Market with the same tag.

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