Starbucks recently lowered some prices on its drink menu, but now the chain is making headlines for just the opposite — double-charging customers for their purchases. On Friday, May 22, and half of Saturday, May 23, the coffee chain unknowingly double-charged a million customers in 7,000 stores for their debit and credit card purchases. Starbucks explained that most of its customers never noticed the "settlement processing error" — although consumers' receipts indicated the correct amount had been deducted, later twice that figure was taken out of the buyers' accounts when stores settled the transactions at the end of the day. Starbucks is hoping to reassure its patrons that the problem has been resolved. "As soon as we noticed the error, we had it fixed right away," a spokesperson for the company said. If you're concerned you were affected by this error, Starbucks is recommending that you contact its customer service department. Since I visit Starbucks daily, I'm checking my bank statement to make sure I wasn't charged double. Were you affected by this? Are you surprised that an error of this scale could occur within a company as large as Starbucks?