In December Oprah Winfrey publicized her weight gain, admitting that she's put on 40 pounds in the past couple of months. Among other things, the powerful talk show host is blaming organic, multigrain blue chips for packing on the pounds.

"My drug of choice used to be potato chips," she said. "Now this year, it was organic, multigrain blue chips — but a bag of them. So you eat a bag of those a day and see what happens if you're not working out." While Oprah's endorsements are normally positive, the people behind her favorite brand of blue tortilla chips — Hain Celestial's Garden of Eatin' — aren't jumping up and down for joy. In a statement, a spokesperson for Hain Celestial, "gently suggested that Ms. Winfrey try the single serving size."

However, Oprah's already moved on from blue chips claiming that she'll now eat sweet potatoes instead. Only time will tell whether the sales of either will be impacted by Oprah's extraordinary influence.

One thing's for sure: If Oprah were to attack the already-struggling organics industry, it might be a blow too big for them to overcome. What do you think about the matter? Does Oprah's opinion of a certain food affect your decision to eat it?

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