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Orange Juice Fungicide Contamination

There's Fungicide in Our Orange Juice Now?

Earlier this week it was reported that the FDA halted all imports of foreign orange juice. It was suspected that the orange juice, particularly imported from Brazil, had been contaminated by a fungicide banned in the United States. While the FDA has lowered the alarm level (assuring us that there is no immediate health risk from trace levels of this fungicide), we can't help but be a little nervous about sipping our morning OJ. We want to know how you feel about this. Are you ignoring the reports and still starting your day off with a bright glass of sunshine, or are you steering clear of this potential contamination?

Image Source: Thinkstock
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Toxins Toxins 5 years
Reminds me of the DDT story--how they're still allowed to use banned pesticides elsewhere and it can build up in the food supply everywhere. I was surprised to find it was mostly in meat and dairy:
jessrob jessrob 5 years
Yet another reason for me to squeeze my own oj in the morning! Thanks for bringing this to our attention...
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