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Oreo Bagels

Oreo Bagels With Oreo Cream Cheese Are a Real Thing Happening in the World

See ya later, rainbow bagels. There's a new breakfast queen in town, and her name is Oreo Bagel. She's from The Bagel Nook in Freehold, NJ, and she's making Oreo-lovers everywhere lose their minds β€” for good reason. This latest food trend is a triple threat: an Oreo bagel (the cookies are in the dough!) stuffed with Oreo cream cheese and whole Oreos.

"We make all of these by hand every day," Alex Berkowitz from The Bagel Nook told People. "They are so popular." Based on these Instagram-approved shots, it's easy to see why. How do you feel about the latest bagel craze? Weigh in in our our poll here!

Would You Try the Oreo Bagel?
100 percent β€” get me to New Jersey now!
No way β€” hard pass on this supersweet bagel.
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