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It's Out of Hell and Back to His Day Job for Ben

It's Out of Hell and Back to His Day Job for Ben

Ben was this week's booted contestant on Hell's Kitchen. When the season started, I honestly liked him and was hoping he would go a long way. However as the competition heated up, Ben's bullying, bickering attitude started to wear on the other chefs, Gordon Ramsay, and the viewing audience. Yesterday I had an interesting telephone conversation with the electrician — he's currently not cooking professionally in any way, shape, or form — to see what he had to say,


PartySugar: How did it feel to be eliminated?
: I don't know. That's sort of an odd question. I'm not down about it. I mean I hate that I got eliminated so early in the game and I hate that I went out the way I did.

PS: Is Gordon really as big of a jerk as he seems?
: He is, yeah. I got nothing from him. He was nothing but a jerk to me, you know he's an animal.

PS: How did it feel to be booted before Matt?
: It was all in the producers' decision. I don't feel bad about it. I think it's too bad I went out but I'm not the only one who screwed up. You know, we all screwed up.

PS: How come you always found a team member to pick on? First it was Craig, then it was Matt, and after him it was Louross. Are you a bully?
: No, I'm not a bully. They really honestly seemed like they came from the IHOP or something. I didn't see any strong cooking abilities in any of the contestants. I was crammed into these small living quarters with people I didn't like, people I didn't want to be with, so naturally I am going to do everything I can to get them off the show.

PS: Who are you rooting for?
: I'm rooting for Bobby. He's been one of the better ones the entire show. I really got along with Bobby, we weren't acting stupid. Between Matt, Jason, Craig, and gay ass Louross, he was the only one I identified with and who could actually cook.

Photos courtesy of Fox.

Join The Conversation
calliope calliope 9 years
Wow, Ben needs to grow up.
ilanac13 ilanac13 9 years
i don't know how i feel about this season. i guess i always feel like there's no clear cut winner until the very end...and that's kind of the situation here. i think that it's great though that matty is able to shine a bit more now that he's on the other team. we'll have to wait and see what happens i guess.
Aclarie Aclarie 9 years
I liked the UK Hells Kitchen cause they brought in celebs that had minimum to no kitchen skills and they honestly did a lot better than the US version of the show.. I do not really mean the celeb parts but yea they were personalities in some way but they did not know much and it was fun to watch.
verily verily 9 years
I don't find a single one of them likable either. I would they would reformulate the show to bring in real raw talent and form them into chefs.
Aclarie Aclarie 9 years
I do not like any of the contestants at all this season. I sometimes wish they would start over from scratch. Dump them all.
Jinx Jinx 9 years
I'm surprised he didn't call Lou Ross a bitch while he was at it, he likes that word. " I didn't see any strong cooking abilities in any of the contestants. " That includes you Ben, that includes you.
fuzzles fuzzles 9 years
Agreed about the Louross comment. Pure asshat-ery.
mom2ross mom2ross 9 years
I agree, shoneyjoe. Who calls someone "gay ass" and isn't still in middle school!? Geeessh...
shoneyjoe shoneyjoe 9 years
"Gay-ass Louross?" I agree with you that I liked Ben when the show started. That comment seals it. buh-bye.
doogirl doogirl 9 years
All the men on the show are punks this season. I definitely see a woman winning the show! Girls rule!
ldm144 ldm144 9 years
marcella marcella 9 years
he was annoying and whiny little bitch.
HappyKate HappyKate 9 years
Ben was getting lame
shannon_xo shannon_xo 9 years
aww i liked Ben....
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