Sharon — who was affectionately called Barbie by her fellow Hell's Kitchen contestants — was this week's eliminated chef. It was a "first time in Hell's Kitchen history" moment when Ramsay kicked Sharon to the curb because she was not up for elimination. Two other girls — Jen and Christina — were on the chopping block, but since Gordon didn't believe in Sharon or her culinary skills, she was the lucky one sent home. To see what Sharon has to say about her time in Hell's Kitchen,


PartySugar: How did it feel to be eliminated when you weren’t up for elimination? What was it like when Gordon said he didn’t believe in you?
: I was totally shocked. It felt horrible. My heart just dropped to the floor. I felt like the whole time I was there — just because I wore makeup — he didn't trust me.

PS: Is Gordon really as big of a jerk as he seems?
: In my opinion, yes. Jesus Christ, when he made that comment about my makeup while we were digging out of the trash, I didn't even have any make up on! We woke up really early in the morning and I didn't have time to put any on. After he said that about Hannibal Lector, I will never stick my tongue out again.

PS: What was it like working in the kitchen? Did you ever really feel like you were in Hell?
: Yeah, absolutely. It was like boot camp. You're not getting enough sleep, you're not eating healthy, you're working 20 hours a day. It was really hard.

PS: Who are you rooting for?
: I'm rooting for Louross. I think he's a great cook. He's the only one I would really talk to in the house. Nobody really had any relationships with any of the others. Especially the girls. In all honesty, none of us got along great, none of us liked each other.

PS: Any tips for those applying for Season 5?
: Be aware of what you are getting into. Those people who don't think we know how to cook should try out. You have to know how to cook and it's really hard. Study your risotto!

Photos courtesy of Fox.