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Packing Holiday Edible Gifts

Pretty Packaging Tips For Edible Gifts

For yummy baked treats like double-chocolate cranberry cookies or peppermint patties, festive tins and patterned paper are in order. You can go with a kit, like Paula Deen's six-piece Blue Cookie Gift Kit ($15), or put together your own package starting with a solid red tin ($4), some chic baking cups ($4) for the cookies, and either glamorous lace tissue paper ($12) or whimsical polka-dot waxed tissue ($12) to line the tin. If you really want the sweets to shine, use a cellophane gift bag ($20 for 12) or wrap cellophane around this China Strawberry Basket ($20) and secure with red and white baker's twine ($15).

vintage decanters ($40 for three) or modern with a
pourers ($9.50) for measuring the liqueur. And for the final touches, use
cellophane gift bag ($20 for 12) or wrap cellophane around this
classic canning jar ($18 for 12) or
Storage Jars ($3-$10), cover with fabric like this
grosgrain ribbons ($28 for five) or
print your own labels for free. And don't forget to tie on a small
cellophane bag ($7 for 20), or a
baker's bag ($3.25) to start. Label the treats by using a
gold marker ($2.20) on
adhesive blank labels ($2.20 for 24) and seal 'em up with these
festive twisties ($3 for 50). Add some flair with a
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