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If you find yourself dumping stale wine, spices, and other expired pantry items, the time has come to discover a different way to shop. These six items are often used in recipes, but — just like the fact that hot dog buns come in a pack of 12, but hot dogs come in a pack of eight — there is that never-ending battle of buying a sufficient amount without having to toss the rest out. Take a look at sizes of items you should skip when shopping and what alternatives you should buy instead.

750ml wine bottles Six-pack mini bottles of wine: rather than opening a large bottle for cooking, use a mini bottle. Each contains about one glass of wine, making them ideal to quickly use up in a day or two.
1-liter bottle of club soda 325ml bottles of club soda: because club soda has the tendency to go flat, buying the mini bottles ensures that each time you twist the cap, the soda is sparkling.
Canned tomato paste Tubes of tomato paste: hardly any recipe calls for an entire can of tomato paste. A tube, which looks like it holds toothpaste, lets you release as much concentrated tomato paste as you need, and the cap lets you save the rest for later.
Quart of broth Bouillon cubes or paste: the salty, concentrated bouillon basically has no expiration date, letting you enjoy as much broth as you want, when you want. Forget about tossing out half-empty Tetra Paks of broth.
Full-size spice bottles Spices in the bulk bin: keep your spices as fresh as possible by buying them in small amounts in the bulk section of your grocery store or co-op. Otherwise, look for smaller spice packets, which are oftentimes cheaper than the large glass bottles of spices.
750ml vermouth bottle 375ml mini bottle: since vermouth is still a wine, don't keep it around forever and don't store it at room temperature. Always buy the smaller version, refrigerate it, and dump it one month after opening.
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ladyrox1981 ladyrox1981 4 years
The tomato paste in a tube is fantastic. You can also find garlic & ginger paste which can come in handy if you don't have the fresh ingredients on hand. Another alternative for the quart-size containers of broth are the 8 oz. tetra-paks. They typically come in a pack of four and I've found that most recipes call for broth in cup measurements so I rarely have any leftovers.
Susi-May Susi-May 4 years
I always waste tomato paste. I will definitely opt for the tube next time over the can!
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