In what seems like a story made for television, John Schnatter, the chairman and former CEO of Papa John's, has found his long lost 1971 Camaro. In 1984, Schnatter sold the car and used the money from the sale to open the pizza joint.

Last June, he embarked on a 12-city tour in search of his former ride. He highly publicized the trip by chronicling it on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter and made special public appearances, like ringing the closing bell of the Nasdaq stock exchange, and throwing out the first pitch at a Dodgers game. After car blog Jalopnik joined in the search, a reader located the Camaro and notified the blog, who then got in touch with the pizza chain founder. Jeff Robinson from Flatwoods, KY, was able to produce the title to the car Schnatter sold 25 years ago.

In return for the car, Schnatter is rewarding Robinson with $250,000. Papa John's is so excited by the discovery that to celebrate, today they are giving away a free large, one-topping pizza to anyone who owns a Chevy Camaro. Are you surprised that Papa John found his old car?