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Party Fabulous: Hosting a Party For (Almost) No Reason

Who says you need a birthday or anniversary to throw a fabulous party? Recently a friend hosted a welcome back party — for luggage! She attended a wedding on the East Coast and on the return flight her luggage was lost. After waiting nervously for three weeks, it was finally returned. It happened to be a Friday and she decided a celebration was necessary. She sent out a last-minute email inviting friends over for a party.

Trader Joe's catered and she stopped by the party supply store for a welcome back sign and balloons. The suitcase served as a centerpiece and when guests arrived they were asked to wear a luggage tag as a bracelet. I supplied the cocktail and voila, instant fiesta! It ended up being a fantastic night and reminder that one can throw a party for just about any reason.

Have you been to a party that celebrated something out of the ordinary?

I made the cocktail: sour cherry gin slings.

Everyone who walked in was told to wear a United luggage tag.

Me, posing with my tag!

To ensure that she wouldn't miss the arrival of her luggage, my friend left on her front door. Then, she displayed the note at the party.

Roasted almonds were jazzed up with chopped rosemary.

The luggage.

Welcome back balloons served as decoration.

A welcome home sign hung in the kitchen.
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PartySister PartySister 7 years
The best part about this party was seeing how happy she was to get her suitcase back! Whenever your friends are overjoyed - you should find a reason to celebrate!
Food Food 7 years
I say it's one of the most creative (and best) party themes ever!
Zivanod Zivanod 7 years
I haven't been to a party to celebrate nothing but once when I was little, my mom through a whole complete birthday party because she wanted cake. She actually looked at the newspaper, randomly selected two people's name and put them on the cake. When my brother and I got home from school, there were balloons and streamers and a lit cake. She as laughing so hard, she was crying. Well needless to say, my brother and I thought she had completely lost it. It was cool though and a great memory even now. It's something I may considering doing in the future. And because I don't remember what time of year it was ... Happy Birthday Nick & Debbie, whomever you may be and wherever you may be!! :)
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