I recently attended a small potluck dinner at a girlfriend's house. Seven of us were in attendance, yet only four forks could be found in the kitchen!

I didn't say anything when I helped serve the Champagne in a martini glass, a beer mug, and a mix of random wine glasses. I didn't say anything when we sat down to eat and had to share chairs. However, it was really hard NOT to say anything when there wasn't enough silverware, especially when five people live there! How could they only have four forks?

If you are going to invite people into your house for a meal, be prepared to serve them properly. Being in college or having just graduated is no excuse. If you lack enough silverware purchase plastic utensils, ask to borrow from a friend, or serve a finger food menu!

Have you ever been in a similar situation? What would you do if there wasn't enough silverware?