Paul McCartney and Friends Launch "Meat Free Mondays"
Paul McCartney and Friends Launch "Meat Free Mondays"

For those of you who haven't become recession flexitarians just yet, Sir Paul McCartney and friends want you to start somewhere. That's why today the Beatle and other celebs launched the UK version of "Meat Free Mondays," a campaign that already exists in the US and Australia to convince consumers to forgo meat one day a week. To check out which celebrities were in attendance,


At the UK party, McCartney — along with fellow conservationists Stella McCartney, Yoko Ono, Kate Bosworth, Moby, and Kelly Osborne — walked the green carpet in London's St. James's Park to draw attention to climate change issues. There, the singer emphasized that going meatless even once a week means fewer greenhouse gas emissions from the world's livestock population. "I thought this was a great idea," McCartney told reporters. "To just reduce your meat intake maybe by one day a week and this would seriously benefit the planet . . . You've had too much over the weekend anyway and you're all running down to the gym to try and work it off, so just have a meat-free Monday."

With increased concern over greenhouse gases and more of a focus on affordable and healthy options, meatless eating has become a popular concept, even taking flight in the progressive town of Ghent, Belgium. Although I've already had a couple of meaty bites today, I'd consider implementing this beginning next week.

What about you: do you think you could go meatless one day a week?


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