I already told you about the guy who invented the first coca-cola bottle, but what about the guy who actually invented the beloved drink itself? 122 years ago a Dr. John Pemberton of Atlanta, best known for his expertise in the laboratory, perfected the original formula for a drink he entitled Pemberton's French Wine Cola. Composed of an extract from the leaf of Peruvian Coca, the purest wine, and the Kola nut, this tonic was used to assist digestion and impart energy to the respiration system. However with the introduction of prohibition in 1886, Pemberton had to make a non-alcoholic version of the popular drink so he substituted sugar syrup for the wine, changed the name to Coca-Cola, and advertised it as the ideal temperance drink. Quicker than Emeril could say BAM!, America's most popular drink was born.

So tell me, do you drink Coke?