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Are People Tipping Less In The Recession?

Has the Economy Affected Your Tipping Habits?

In a recent article in the New York Times, restaurant critic Frank Bruni discusses yet another quandary facing restaurants during the recession. Not only are people dining out less frequently and reducing spending, but they're also tipping less. This puts servers in a particularly vulnerable position. The trend doesn't surprise me at all; however, the recession has actually inversely affected my tipping habits. Even though I eat out less, I tip more than I used to, knowing that my favorite places may be on the verge of collapse.

Tell me: Have you been less generous with the bill lately?


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chatondeneige chatondeneige 8 years
LoneWolf, as a server, I'd much rather have someone come in and give me 15% than not come in at all. Shellper didn't really answer your question, but that's my stance on it. In Arizona, the base for tipping was still 15%, according to most of my server friends. Yes, it's an insult to receive a poor tip, but 15% isn't exactly an insult, it usually means you weren't a great server, but you didn't specifically anger your table. :oy:
Shellper Shellper 8 years
It's just not right. Gratuity should be factored into your total if you are on a budget. If you can't afford the proper gratuity, then don't have that second glass of wine. The couple extra dollars may not seem like much to the diner, but it means a lot to the server if they are working hard to enhance your dining experience. It is insulting to receive a poor tip. Factor that 20% into your budget.
LoneWolf LoneWolf 8 years
Shellper (just because I'm curious) isn't it better for someone to come out, order food and drinks and tip you 15% then for that person to stay home and you and the restaurant make no money?
bonniebonnie bonniebonnie 8 years
I have tipped less at certain places like coffee shops or sandwich shops were the hourly wage is higher than what a waiter or waitress is making at a restaurant. Since I do only go to restaurants occasionally, I can still tip at least 20%. I was a waitress for too long and I feel too bad for them. But all of my service industry friends are still making more money than I am.
Shellper Shellper 8 years
and PS: the standard minimum is 20%. Not 15%. If you can't afford it, stay home.
Shellper Shellper 8 years
I work at an amazing celebrity chef restaurant, and I have one thing to get off my chest: If you are seriously deciding to tip less, please do not go out to eat. If you can't comprehend that multiple people are making a living from what diners leave as gratuity, please stop wasting our time.
kayleigh83 kayleigh83 8 years
no way! i'm a firm believer that if you can't afford to tip, you can't afford to eat out/order in etc... it's just plain good manners and it's selfish to eat out and not tip because you can't "afford" it. just a pathetic excuse IMO...
peroxideprincess peroxideprincess 8 years
I used to be a server and have always tipped more than 20% if the server is good. Now that times are hard I'm inclined to tip more. The economy hasn't affected my finances, the least I can do is throw a few extra bucks someone's way.
muse2323 muse2323 8 years
We don't go out to eat much (we don't like many of the town eateries), but I certainly don't tip less when we do. I've always been inclined to tip 20% if the service is good.
ashleyroselong ashleyroselong 8 years
don't even got out to eat...but i always at least give a 15% tip, most of the time 20% even though i'm known to be the cheap one
tlsgirl tlsgirl 8 years
There is no excuse for not tipping properly. If you can't afford to tip, don't get out to eat. It's that simple.
katiekat95 katiekat95 8 years
We eat out a lot less but I still tip 20% or more...
iheart2cook iheart2cook 8 years
If you can't afford to tip your server what they deserve, then you shouldn't be eating out. Since tips go directly to the server tipping more what keep the restaurant open, buying more will!
pharm_chick pharm_chick 8 years
i dont eat out much, but i make sure i tip wherever i go. but it does depend on where i go.. i think i may tip slightly more at a nicer restaurant vs like, ihop or chilis.
le-romantique le-romantique 8 years
I always tip 25%. I know that waiters/waitresses/busboys need the cash, i do as well but I'm eating at their restaurant and they are serving me... they deserve it (unless they are horrible and rude.) Although recently i haven't eaten out in over a month, because I live alone and I don't really know anyone... and i'm a loner.
GlowingMoon GlowingMoon 8 years
We tip the same. However, personally, I've eaten out less. It's not because of the economy. I'm a really healthy eater (and more so lately), and most restaurant food don't pass my criteria. :)
miznic miznic 8 years
I live in a town where the restaurants are busy here every single night - I always hope that diners are tipping well around here. My fiance and I always tip 20-30% just because we've had such great service... and it's usually on the low end if it's bad service, but I just cannot leave a place and not leave a tip.
Emberly Emberly 8 years
I think it's funny that I must have trained myself over time to think that you can't tip under 20% unless the service was awful! I didn't know 15% was even allowed anymore - if I can't pay at least 20% I don't go out.
PinkUnicorn PinkUnicorn 8 years
We don't really eat out very much at the moment, but when we do we have been tipping more generously than usual - 20% for okay service, 25% for great service.
amers230 amers230 8 years
I don't really eat out anymore (if I go out now it's usually to diners hahaha), but I do try and throw an extra dollar or two down from the normal 15% - 20% when possible. I also try and leave a cash tip instead of putting it on my charge card. If you can't afford to tip, then you can't afford to eat out. I don't get why some people can't grasp that concept.
starangel82 starangel82 8 years
I tip the same. I just don't eat out as much these days.
HaterTot HaterTot 8 years
20% minimum. More if it's a place where I'm a regular. If you can't afford it, you shouldn't be there in the first place. And, if you're at a restaurant that has a special (a favorite of mine does a half-price pasta night once a week) - you're really supposed to tip on the full price of what you had. Treating your servers well results in them treating you well. I always get freebies at places where I'm a regular b/c I bend over backwards to show them how much I appreciate their hard work and delicious food/drinks.
mek123 mek123 8 years
I usually tip at least 20% and haven't changed that but if the service is lousy it will be less and for great service, I'll tip more.
eatingcookies eatingcookies 8 years
Now I'm reading that everyone's tipping 20%... wow I guess I have to up the ante here! I can change, I can change!!
eatingcookies eatingcookies 8 years
Depending on the kind of restaurant I'm visiting; that's how I tip. If I'm at a sit down where my glass is going to be refilled, I will tip around 15-18 percent. If I'm somewhere that it's polite to tip, but the waiter/waitress/hostess isn't going to come to my table, and I'm ordering at the counter. I tip slightly less than 15%.
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