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Pepsi Next Taste

Pepsi's New Frontier: Pepsi Next

Pepsi Next, which rolled out nationally March 26, is the newest addition to the Pepsi family. The so-called "midcalorie soda" is targeted toward drinkers who are cutting back on sugar, a dietary trend that's been holding steady in recent years. It's made with a combination of high-fructose corn syrup, aspartame, and sucralose, and has 60 percent less sugar than regular Pepsi.

As someone who's always chosen Pepsi over Coke, I pounced at the chance to try the newest addition to the Pepsi family. I grabbed a couple of office mates and every Pepsi product that I could find within a one block radius (Pepsi, Pepsi Max, and Diet Pepsi) for a casual taste test and comparison. Find out what we thought when you keep reading.

We all immediately noticed the fake sugar in Pepsi Next, and we weren't impressed. There's something about artificial sweetness that is more aggressive on your taste buds. And the sweetness cuts off very quickly, whereas real sugar (in the regular Pepsi) seems to linger a little bit longer. That said, we all preferred regular Pepsi over Pepsi Next by a lot. There were quite a few serious Diet Pepsi haters, and Pepsi Max didn't seem to leave much of a lasting impression. Ultimately we'd choose regular Pepsi any day, and if it's a question of trying to cut back on sugar, water is always a good option.

Have you tried Pepsi Next? What do you think of it?

richsh4 richsh4 5 years
Pepsi Next won't last! Just like Coca Cola C2 didn't last!
Jay2663532 Jay2663532 5 years
gaK I WAS LOOKING  for a crisp clean taste, but noo just a fake sugar taste that is way too sweet. I'm stuck with a 12 pak that cost me over 5 bucks.. I wonder if I can use it to kill grass or FIRE ANTS will update @
planetkate planetkate 5 years
It's mediocre...I don't think the calorie savings are worth losing the flavor. To me, if you are wanting to go diet, then either go diet, or don't drink soda.    It definitely still tastes 'diet' the calories seem like a waste. 
limelindsey limelindsey 5 years
Interesting....I was hoping it wouldn't be like this. I dislike Diet Pepsi because the aspartame is so strong - that's really all I can taste and so I tend to go with Diet Coke instead.  Love regular Pepsi though!
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