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Meet the Contestants of Top Chef: Washington DC!

Jun 16 2010 - 6:50am

The moment you've all been waiting for is here: the seventh season of Top Chef begins tonight, at the earlier hour of 9 p.m. This time around, the drama will unfold at the nation's capital in Washington DC, where an incredibly diverse bunch of 17 chefs will face off for the coveted title. Guest judges include, among others, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi [1], Apollo astronaut Buzz Aldrin [2], and White House chef Sam Kass [3]. For a preview of the competition to come, keep reading.

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Tracy Bloom

Age: 33

Hometown: Shortsville, NY — currently resides in Atlanta, GA

Profession: Executive chef, Table 1280

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Timothy Dean

Age: 39

Hometown: Washington DC — currently resides in Baltimore, MD

Profession: Chef/owner, Prime Steak House

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Tiffany Derry

Age: 26

Hometown: Beaumont, TX — currently resides in Dallas, TX

Profession: Executive chef, Go Fish Ocean Club

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Tamesha Warren

Age: 24

Hometown: Christ Church, Barbados — currently resides in Washington DC

Profession: Sous chef, The Oval Room

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Stephen Hopcraft

Age: 40

Hometown: Cleveland, OH — currently resides in Las Vegas, NV

Profession: Executive chef, Seablue at the MGM Grand

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Lynne Gigliotti

Age: 51

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA — currently resides in Hyde Park, NY

Profession: Assistant professor, Culinary Institute of America

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Kevin Sbraga

Age: 31

Hometown: Willingboro, NJ — currently resides in Willingboro, NJ

Profession: Executive chef, Rat's Restaurant at the Grounds for Sculpture

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Kenny Gilbert

Age: 36

Hometown: Euclid, OH — currently resides in Telluride, CO

Profession: President/owner, Passionate Culinary Enterprises LLC; chef/partner, G’s Restaurant Group

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Kelly Liken

Age: 33

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA — currently resides in Vail, CO

Profession: Chef/owner, Kelly Liken in Vail and Rick & Kelly’s American Bistro in Edwards, CO

Source [13]

John Somerville

Age: 42

Hometown: Ohio — currently resides in West Bloomfield, MI

Profession: Chef de cuisine, The Lark

Source [14]

Jacqueline Lombard

Age: 33

Hometown: Boston, MA — currently resides in Brooklyn, NY

Profession: Chef/owner, Jacqueline Lombard Events

Source [15]

Ed Cotton

Age: 32

Hometown: Boston, MA — currently resides in New York, NY

Profession: Executive chef, Plein Sud at the Smyth Hotel

Source [16]

Arnold Myint

Age: 32

Hometown: Nashville, TN — currently resides in Nashville, TN

Profession: Chef/owner, Cha Chah

Source [17]

Angelo Sosa

Age: 35

Hometown: Durham, CT

Profession: Chef/owner, Xie Xie

Source [18]

Andrea Curto-Randazzo

Age: 39

Hometown: Vero Beach, FL — currently resides in Miami, FL

Profession: Chef/owner, Talula Restaurant and Creative Tastes Catering

Source [19]

Amanda Baumgarten

Age: 27

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA — currently resides in Los Angeles

Profession: Sous chef, Ford’s Filling Station

Source [20]

Alex Rezink

Age: 33

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY — currently resides in Hollywood, CA

Profession: Executive chef, Ivan Kane’s Café Was

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Eric Ripert

Along with Tom Colicchio, Padma Lakshmi, and Gail Simmons, a new judge, Eric Ripert, will be joining the show!

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