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Picture of Crepes With Ice Cream

Savory Sight: Crepes, Cream and Ice Cream

We're suckers for decadent desserts, and from the looks of it OnSugar Blogger House of Anaïs is too!

After Eight creme with cream and caramel

I am not a huge fan of dark chocolate with the exception of dinner mints such as After Eight - little dark chocolate treats filled with creamy mint. Following the hike to a mountaintop castle in Spain on our last day we continued to a nearby seaside town. And there were these little ice cream places offering all sorts of things - granitas (frozen fruit drinks), horchatas (weird tasting milky drinks) and all sorts of ice cream delights.

How could I have resisted this amazing mix of crepes, after eight ice cream with whipped cream and caramel sauce (clearly not the most healthy or lightest treat one could imagine, but it's holiday...). It certainly made me wonder if I could somehow make this ice cream at home too...

Want more? Follow House of Anaïs and then start your own food blog. You may wind up featured here!

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