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Picture and Review of Six-Layer Sandwich in Taipei Airport

Taking One For the Team in Taiwan

Happy National Sandwich Day! What better way to celebrate than the way OnSugar blog Between the Bread did, with the ultimate six-layer sandwich? Find out what she thought of this Taiwanese treat.

I was not at all hungry when I ate this sandwich. I'd just eaten an airplane meal, which, itself, was shortly on the heels of lunch, but when we spied this sandwich at the Taipei airport on the way back from Bali, we had to buy one in the name of blogging.

Displayed alongside other artful but futuristic-looking baked goods, this sandwich resembled a slice of layer cake. On top, it had a graceful, savory glaze; on the sides, a nutty coating that was like a cross between the dusting on multigrain bread and an almond croissant. Between each of the six slices was a different filling, applied lightly like a tea sandwich. Keep reading for the verdict.

By our best estimates, the fillings included an herb butter type spread, a yummy cured fish of some kind, ham and cheese, a prosciutto-like cold cut, and what tasted like pulled pork. The sandwich lived up to its unique look; the bread tasted like a savory sponge cake, and each filling was appropriately salty and delicious. We weren't sure how to eat it, but it seemed to want to be disassembled like this, so that's what we did.


Does anyone know if this type of sandwich is common outside the Taipei airport?

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Join The Conversation
houseboy houseboy 6 years
The salty dried fish part makes me salivate. So sayeth The Andrew
mermei mermei 6 years
Bakeries all over East Asia sport similar concoctions. If you don't read the local language, you need to bring a sense of adventure, but they're a lot of fun.
princexy princexy 6 years
i've had them in flushing, queens but i would think you can get them from lots of other places. other common fillings: mayo and pork floss, eggs (usually done as thin egg pancakes), cucumber, i'm sure there are more that are not coming to me right now
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