We aren't the only ones who've succumbed to buying loads of seasonal berries. Here, OnSugar blog Cooking in Pajamas discovers a baked treat with a name that's clever as ever: Blueberry Boy Bait.

I did not make up the name to this recipe, but it certainly caught my eye. "Blueberry Boy Bait? What on earth could that be?" I was looking for a healthy dessert recipe containing fruit, when I came across this recipe, that originally dates back to the 1920's. It was baked by young ladies, and named after the effect it had on the young men who tasted it . . .one bite, and they were hooked! It is best described as a cross between a blueberry muffin and a coffee cake. Very light, not too sweet, but it is rich, moist and flavorful. It will easily fit into your breakfast, brunch, afternoon snack or dessert menu.

Learn how the final result turned out — and where to get the recipe! — when you read on.


It is certainly delicious and addictive! When it comes out of the oven, it is an unassuming and unimpressive looking cake. It certainly smells amazing...cinnamon, brown sugar, warm blueberries...but it looks like a plain vanilla sheet cake. I let it cool for a while, while I tried to find a serving dish large enough to turn out the cake onto.

When the time came to plate the cake, I was a little nervous, because the sides had come away from the pan, but the bottom looked very moist and sticky. I finally went for it, and to my horror, only 3/4 of the cake came out of the pan! All that work, for a ruined cake! I found my largest spatula, and dug out the remaining quarter of the cake, which came out in one piece. I stuck it in the corner, where it belonged, and not only did it fit in perfectly, but since the top of the cake is so moist, it kind of glued itself back together! It looked 95 percent perfect. Only if you were looking for the crack, would you see it.

As you can see from the recipe, it didn't quite fit the bill of healthy cooking that I was looking for, but at 350 calories a piece, it is not TOO bad (a piece of pecan pie can be 800 calories per slice, and you know your frozen yogurt from YogliMogli isn't much less than 350 calories). Be careful though. This is the kind of cake, where if you have the platter of it in front of you, you will be pulling off little pieces of it, and eating them all night (because the little pieces you pull off with your fingers don't have any calories, right?). Before you know it, you have eaten half of the cake! And if any single ladies out there bait their man with this cake, I expect to be invited to the wedding. . .

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