It's March 14, better known as 3.14, or Pi Day. I wish it was pie day, but we'll take what we can get.

My gal geeksugar has rounded up a load of Pi Day paraphernalia, however I've found a few treats to inspire you in the kitchen. So for those of you geeky enough to get it, I present to you the Pi Pie. Created by Flickr member megpi, this awesome pie has the pi symbol cut into the middle and the numbers going around the outside. It's so clever, I'm bummed I didn't come up with myself!

The only thing that would make this pie better is if it was served in this Pi Dish ($24.95). This pi dish is trimmed with the first few dozen digits of pi, and would make any geeky baker's day.

One more fun Pi Day item, check it out when you


While searching for fun Pi Day things, I also came across this Pi Cookie Cutter ($12.95). Although it's for cookies, and not pies, I still think that it's pretty fun. You could even use it on pastry crust to create embellishments for your pie, or cut out two and make a pocket pie! Either way, I'm sure you'll get more than 3.14159 uses out of it!