Green tea frozen yogurt may be cool, but the war between frozen yogurt chains Red Mango and Pinkberry is heating up. Only weeks after Pinkberry hired branding firm Bulldog Drummond, archrival Red Mango has cut a seven-figure deal with the Richards Group ad agency.In the past two years, a new kind of frozen yogurt has exploded in major American cities by way of Asia. The tart, icy treat with fruit, mochi, and cereal-flake toppings quickly gained a cult following. As a result, copycat chains have sprung up across regions like Southern California and Florida, bearing similar brand names like Blue Mango, Diet Berry, and Peachberry.

Red Mango wants to respond by giving its gluten-free, certified kosher, high active-culture count yogurt an extra edge. "There are so many copycats out there. We wanted to educate customers on why Red Mango is different," the company's USA president, Dan Kim, said. He wants Red Mango to be the Starbucks of the frozen yogurt world.

Have you tried the "new" style of tart frozen yogurt? What do you think of it? Do you have a preference in brands? With aggressive branding and advertisements, which company do you think will come out ahead?

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