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Pizza Hut Has New Value Menu, Uses Nickname "The Hut"

Pizza Hut Diversifies, but Claims It Hasn't Changed Names

Recently, Domino's has overloaded on carbs with pasta bread bowls, Wendy's has supplemented its menu with boneless chicken wings, and Burger King's realized its destiny with pork ribs. Along the same lines, Pizza Hut has expanded its horizons, adding lasagna, pasta, and buffalo chicken to its lineup. But — contrary to public speculation — the fast food company will not be abbreviating its name. In light of rumors that the franchise was shortening its name to "The Hut," Pizza Hut has made an official statement that it has no plans for a name change.

“Pizza Hut is not changing its name. We are proud of our name and heritage and will continue to be Pizza Hut. We do use ‘The Hut’ in some of our marketing efforts," Brian Niccol, the company's chief marketing officer, clarified. The company, which is best known for its fast-delivery pizzas, has attempted to overcome poor sales by expanding its repertoire to include other food items and using the shortened nickname "The Hut." The chain is also launching a new "Big Eat Tiny Price" value menu.

What are your thoughts on Pizza Hut moving beyond pizza? Can its new items set it apart from other competitors? Does a name like "The Hut" compel you to buy something other than delivery pizza?


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Zivanod Zivanod 8 years
Adding other dishes besides pizza is fine with me. Not everyone wants pizza all the time. The name though was awful. I just thought of Jabba the Hut!
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
well - i think that the main difference of this chain from a lot of others (i.e. dominos, pappa johns etc) is that there are free standing restaurants. therefore i'm not at all surprised that they are branching out and i wish them the best of luck. i think that as long as they stick with pizza as a core to their menu they will be safe but otherwise i wouldn't worry.
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