If you know somebody who is passionate about pizza, help her (or him!) embark on their own homemade pizza journey with all of these essentials. The perfect crust is an essential part of every pizza pie, so start with a good pizza stone like the Hartson Pottery pizza baking stone ($40). Peter Reinhart's book American Pie ($18) will help to get the creative juices flowing. Cut the perfect slices with an All-Clad stainless steel pizza cutter ($22). Homemade tomato sauces are a breeze with the Tre Spade Italian tomato press ($80). Take the hassle out of dough making with a marble rolling pin ($30). Who doesn't love cheesy pizza? Grate in style with the Alessi Parmenide grater with cheese cellar ($20). Serve pies and slice up pizzas on a modern and chic Acacia pizza board ($68). Oh, and be sure to let your pizza-loving friend know that you're happy to tastetest!