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On Sunday night I had the lovely opportunity to meet a few wonderful food bloggers face to face. From left to right we have Catherine of Food Musings (who was delightful and funny), the secretive couple from BunRab (who's site I didn't know but have since fallen in love with their photos and their wild story about how they were the first couple married at the French Laundry back when it just opened), Kristen of Give Me Some Food (who actually went to college with Adam, proving my theory that foodies somehow attract other foodies), and the visiting Adam of the The Amateur Gourmet (who's working on a book right now). Also present were Sam & Fred of Becks & Posh (who arrived soon after the photo was snapped and were even more charming than I imagined them to be). We ended up at Place Pigalle over in Hayes Valley (a neighborhood here in San Francisco). I'd never been there before and wasn't 100% sure where it was - that is, until I got there and realized I'd walked past it a bajillion times. It was a low-key bar with lots of beers on tap, a decent wine selection and a great happy hour price (pint of Stella less than 3 bucks). Plus it got bonus points for big booths and a foosball table.

So, what does a table full of food bloggers talk about? If you said food you'd only be partly correct. We also, somehow ended up talking about American pop-culture and American Idol for much longer than I'd like to admit. However we did talk a lot about food. Adam is visiting from New York and has a large list of places that he's hoping to make it to. In fact, the night before we met, he drove out to Yountville to visit Thomas Keller's Ad Hoc. Talking to him made me realize. Wow, I live here and I've never been to half the places he's going to make it to - this has got to change. I'm going to have to start going out more often...

Our conversation also made me realize the funny lengths we go to for a good meal. So tell me everyone, what's the furthest distance you've ever gone for a good meal?

And hey Adam, next time we meet I will (a) have a gift for you and (b) take you up on that foosball challenge.

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