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Now that you've got all the items needed for a great picnic, I thought I'd help you out with a few picnic tips.

  • When packing a picnic, keep non-perishable foods (potato chips, fruit, etc.) separate from perishable ones. This way you'll save cooler space & ice for items that need it. Remember, the more stuff you pack in the cooler, the less cold it will be. An ideal ratio is 75% food and 25% ice, although I think 50/50 is even better!
  • Pack your cooler in reverse order. Put your dessert in first, the main course second and the appetizers third. This way you won't have to dig around in your cooler to find the items you need. This will save you time, effort and will help keep the cooler cold longer.
  • Freeze drinks (unless they're in cans) the night before. This will help them stay cool, as well as act as supplement ice in your pack. If you're worried about messy condensation, wrap them in aluminum foil (which may keep them frozen longer) or store in ziploc bags. Even if you don't freeze them, make sure they're already cool. It'll keep the cooler colder longer if the items are already cold.

To read the rest of my picnic tips,

  • If you've got the tupperware, pack things in individual servings. This way you won't have to worry about serving spoons and you'll save time when dishing out the food.
  • If you're packing a cook-out picnic, be sure to keep the raw foods away from the cooked foods. Ideally they would be in separate coolers. You don't want to worry about cross contamination.
  • Thanks to the picnic pack list, you'll never forget your blanket again. But what happens if the ground is wet? To ensure a nice dry spot, consider bringing along a tarp as well.
  • When looking for the perfect picnic spot, find one that fits the weather. If it's hot, look for one in the shade (keep the cooler there too!), if it's windy consider one tucked on the side of a hill (preferably the side without the wind!), and if it's cool find one that is nice and bright (don't forget the sunscreen!).
  • Picnic baskets are very chic, but consider bringing a cooler since it can keep food cold and double as a table.
  • If your food will be exposed, keep flies away by keeping it covered when not in use. Consider napkins with weights (such as small rocks) placed on each corner.
  • Even if it was delectable, throw away any perishable food that has been left out for more than a few hours.

Got a great picnic tip? Share it with us below!

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