There's nothing more discouraging than a failed first attempt at making something — and this is exactly what happened to me when I tried to make popsicles! I was so excited to finally get a set of molds that I immediately went home to put together some delicious pops. There were a few almost-too-ripe bananas on the kitchen counter; thus, I decided to make this recipe for banana blueberry swirl popsicles.

The process was super easy and the resulting mixture was finger licking good. I placed the pops in the freezer and anxiously waited for them to freeze. However, several hours later, I couldn't get the popsicles to come out of the molds. I ran the molds under warm water, but to no avail. It was horribly disappointing and I'm not sure what went wrong. Has this happened to you? What's your technique for unmolding popsicles?