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Popular Hot Sauce Brands

Some Like It Hot: Vote For Your Favorite Hot Sauce

It would seem that Americans like their food to pack quite a punch. At least, that's what we can assume based off of the fact that the hot sauce industry is one of the top 10 fastest growing industries in the country, right below social network game development. This got us thinking about the many different kinds of hot sauces there are available to us. While I reach for the Tapatío bottle several times a day, I know there happen to be several die-hard Cholula fans out there. We want to know: what's your favorite hot sauce?

Source: Flickr User kenny_lex

Bo3417647 Bo3417647 4 years
If you want a HOT SAUCE WITH FLAVOR AND HEAT try addiction sauces, bhut jolokia sauce and habanero sauce
Michael2675850 Michael2675850 5 years
Comparing those other sauces to Dave's Insanity is like comparing baby aspirin to Viagra.
JenniferTThompson JenniferTThompson 5 years
 @Aaron2676086 I ALWAYS break into a sweat when I try Dave's Insanity.  
James2676175 James2676175 5 years
There was no research put into this article at all. Or the above mentioned brands threw a little "marketing money" in the right direction. This is a "major brands" list. It is not a great representation of the true market. If you want artisan sauces that have flavor and heat, is a good place to start. just sayin...
Aaron2676086 Aaron2676086 5 years
The clear winner here is Dave's Insanity Sauce.  It's like putting a professional cage fighter in a ring with a bunch of amateurs.   Dave wins without even breaking a sweat.
Michael2675850 Michael2675850 5 years
Without Ring of Fire Sauces, this list has no meaning other than vote for flavorless grocery store vinegar and pepper. (other than Daves's)
JenniferTThompson JenniferTThompson 5 years
Wow, I love that you're running this contest, but how can you limit it to these 10?  What about all the small-batch brands lovingly crafted in the islands, Florida,  Latin America, and all across the U.S.?  I have seen Armageddon, found Inner Beauty, been served Last Rights, and ask that you Jump Up and Kiss Me.  We need more sauce!
Chuck2675400 Chuck2675400 5 years
And also Renfro's Habanero...  
Chuck2675400 Chuck2675400 5 years
Renfro's Ghost Pepper is great also... Cholula is a good table sauce as is Tabasco red...Love it HOT!
Ronnie2674956 Ronnie2674956 5 years
 @Ed2674970 Thanks.  Done.  I'll be sure to review it so my friends know what you've got.
Ed2674970 Ed2674970 5 years
 @Ronnie2674956  Go to my contact page fill out your info and what sauce you would like to try and I will send you a free bottle.
JamesWreck JamesWreck 5 years
Camilla, Please change the title of this post to: Some Like It Hot: Vote For Your Favorite GROCERY STORE Hot Sauce This list is a poor representation of what the fiery foods industry as a whole has to offer.   Sincerely, James "Hot Sauce Boss" Wreck
Ronnie2674956 Ronnie2674956 5 years
 @Ed2674970 Do you give free samples?  I'm not buying something I've never had the opportunity to try based on the advice of a complete stranger.
Ed2674970 Ed2674970 5 years
Try Born to Hula All Natural Hot Sauce! The reason I started my company was I was sick of only being offered only some of the above mentioned. There are so many new companys out there that blow them away besides mine. It's time for them to move over and let the new breed in!
Ronnie2674956 Ronnie2674956 5 years
Wow, really? That's all we have to choose from?  There's only one HOT sauce listed.  Where's the Heartbreaking Dawn's 1498?  Where are the Ghost Pepper sauces?  The Trinidad Scorpion sauces?
PJ2671908 PJ2671908 5 years
No Yucateco = no cred
Unchained2671525 Unchained2671525 5 years
El Yucateco Verde!!!
Leah2671241 Leah2671241 5 years
I like each hot sauce here equally (I have never had Dave's Insanity), they all have the right food to go with. The thing is I don't think you can poll them against each other fairly. Each one has such a different flavor.
Gabriel2671249 Gabriel2671249 5 years
You should include El Yucateco - Kutbil Ik de Salsa XXX
Anna-Monette-Roberts Anna-Monette-Roberts 5 years
So many choices! So many different cuisines!!!
Chris2670998 Chris2670998 5 years
Definitely needs El Yucateco added to the list (is this stuff not available nationwide?)
Caleb2670958 Caleb2670958 5 years
I'm shocked that you don't have any El Yucateco sauces up there!? My vote is for El Yucateco Green Habanero. Please add it to the poll.
rangel75 rangel75 5 years
rangel75 rangel75 5 years
Tapatio...Tobasco is for gringos and black people :)
fuzzles fuzzles 5 years
Gotta go with Cholula.  Nice flavor, without being too vinegar-y.  Also, the sodium content is not high enough to drop a small elephant.  
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