We love repurposing leftovers, and from the looks of it, Lauren does too. Here she shares the story of pork two ways.
I had picked up pork at my local butcher, but wasn't completely sure how I wanted to prepare it. Using what I had on hand and of course, not measuring, I browned the meat, caramelized onions and garlic, and roasted/cleaned two poblano peppers. For even more flavor, I ground up cumin and crushed red pepper flakes and placed everything in the crock pot. I added just enough chicken broth to just about cover the meat and let it cook over night. The next morning, the pork was incredibly tender and perfect for tacos!

There was still a ton of pork, but I am not one for repeat dinners, so I picked up a couple cans of hominy and added it to the pork along with some more chicken broth for a makeshift pozole. The soup topped with cilantro, avocado, salsa, and lime juice was absolutely scrumptious. I love when simple dishes with no recipe turn out so well, I am sure I will be making this again! Sorry about not snapping a photo of the tacos but trust me they were tasty!

Have you turned a leftover into something different and delicious? Share it with us in the community!