Maybe President Obama and Vice President Biden needed a break from white-tablecloth dining or perhaps they just felt like getting out on the town. Either way, the two took a short lunch trip yesterday to a popular local burger joint called Ray's Hell Burger.

Upon arriving at the strip plaza eatery, the duo declined offers from other patrons to cut the line. Ray's — which prides itself in serving unconventional sodas and cheesy tater puffs in lieu of fries — couldn't accept Obama's order for fries, so he went with the potato puffs and a bottle of water instead. To check out footage of the presidential lunch outing,


Since it's well-documented that President Obama prefers his burger medium well, it's no surprise that he ordered a basic cheddar cheeseburger, medium well, with lettuce, tomatoes, spicy mustard, and no ketchup. The executive branch must love its burgers medium well, since Biden ordered his Swiss cheeseburger prepared the same way, but topped with ketchup and jalapeño peppers, and a good old-fashioned root beer to drink.

The best part? When the cashier taking the presidential order wanted to take care of the tab, Obama insisted otherwise: "See all those people?" he said, pointing to the press pool that came along. "They'll write about how we were freeloaders." He paid for all the burgers in cash, leaving a $5 bill in the tip jar.

Check out the footage below — I was particularly entertained by the fans taking pictures of the president in the background — and tell me your thoughts.