Reader tiani needs our help! Her husband works in a prison, and she recently asked the community for suggestions on what she should make him for lunch. She writes:

"My husband works in a prison. He has no formal lunch break and no access to a refrigerator. He keeps any food that he brings in his pockets (they're pretty big pockets). So far the only things I have gotten him that he likes are trail mix and beef jerky. Does anyone else have any suggestions on what I can pack him? It must be able to go into a clear ziplock bag. Also, please make it filling, not just carbs!"

Those are some pretty strict restrictions, but a guy's gotta eat! I recommend experimenting with sandwiches that don't have mayonnaise on them. Think roasted vegetables, like mushrooms and onions, with a slather of goat cheese and heavy sprinkling of freshly grated black pepper. Or turkey with bacon, lettuce, and avocado with balsamic vinegar and olive oil. These won't spoil if they aren't refrigerated for a couple of hours.

What do you suggest tiani make?