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Product Review: Starbucks Veggie, Egg & Monterey Jack Sandwich

Taste Test: Starbucks Veggie, Egg, & Monterey Jack Sandwich

We aren't the only one kicking off 2011 with healthy breakfasts each day; so is Starbucks. It's been a key player in the fast casual breakfast wars, and to keep up with those New Year promises to get fit, the coffee chain's just debuted its first new breakfast sandwich or wrap in almost a year. We picked one up on our way to work; how did it stack up to the rest of the lineup? To find out, keep on reading.

New this month, the Veggie, Egg, & Monterey Jack Breakfast Sandwich involves an "egg omelet with fire-roasted green and red peppers and diced onion topped with monterey jack cheese, nestled in a hand-scored, oven-toasted artisan roll." The meatless addition to the savory breakfast menu is also 350 calories — 150 fewer than Starbucks's popular sausage breakfast sandwich.

The good news: the bread has a nice crust on its exterior, as well as a pleasant bounciness in every bite. The gooey, mild-flavored cheese almost has a brie-like quality to it and is a nice contrast to the fluffy egg. Where the sandwich is severely lacking is in its promise to deliver veggies. What I got wasn't visually on par with the chain's depictions. In fact, the only piece of produce I spotted was one square of red pepper — and I was counting.

Perhaps this item should be renamed the Egg & Oozy Jack Breakfast Sandwich. It's a meat-free option that's a satisfying start to the day. Just don't expect to get a serving of vegetables when you eat it.

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vegesquire vegesquire 6 years
I just got one of these the other day and while mine may have had closer to 5 tiny squares of pepper, they didn't really have much taste at all. But that roll was really great, and the cheese was pretty decent. I'd get one again in a pinch.
Katie-Sweeney Katie-Sweeney 6 years
Wow, I can't believe there are no veggies! I wish you had brought this into the office, so I could have tasted it.
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