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Product Reviews on ShopStyle

Have the Final Word — and $1,000

Introducing product reviews! We've made shopping easier here at ShopStyle with the ability to rate and review your purchases all in one place. To inspire you to share your thoughts, we're giving one lucky reviewer a $1,000 Visa gift card. Entering is easy. All you have to do is sign in to ShopStyle, search the products that are already in your closet, tell us what you think before Sept. 26, and you'll receive one entry for each review you make. Share your expertise on style, fit, quality, or any other relevant detail, and you'll be in the running.

Who knows? You could win some major cash to fund your next shopping spree. Search and review products to enter ShopStyle's Review and Win Giveaway now!

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Have the Final Word — and $1,000  originally posted on ShopStyle
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Dale14915846 Dale14915846 3 years
Wife loves her Clarks Shoes
Mary14914894 Mary14914894 3 years
Black Brown or White handbags are all terrific choices for every outfit there is no clashing just smashing darling!
Mary14914894 Mary14914894 3 years
I love all the handbags and everything else posted to this website. Anything from this site would be a fantabulous win!!
jadelewis jadelewis 3 years
Tami14909710 Tami14909710 4 years
This would be awesome, I love my new Coach bag!
Kristina14907776 Kristina14907776 4 years
I would so love to win this
jlafount jlafount 4 years
I like the simplicity and classic looks of the men's styles. Something like the Kenneth Cole Reaction You Are The Man Boot would be something I'd feel comfortable wearing
CoMMember13630964505482 CoMMember13630964505482 4 years
Nice couple!
Carol14889015 Carol14889015 4 years
The beauty of this ring alone is uniquely exquisite, especially on that very special occasion. I'd be glowing if I wore this item.
Carol14889015 Carol14889015 4 years
Love everything...I'd be happy with any item I'd win from this sight...
laurienemeth laurienemeth 4 years
I love everything they have or whatever I have ordered for the girls..Just so excited to win.. love it
Tina14884688 Tina14884688 4 years
I have the Black Prada flat top zip bag with the straps for shoulder or hand carry and I LOVE IT!! It has held up well to all the abuse Ive put it through, my daughter has borrowed it and with a simple damp cloth it cleans up like new! This was my first Prada bag and though it was a gift so I don't know the exact amount I know its expensive for my budget! But I'll be giving more thought now to purchasing classic Prada styles that will last like this one because I know it will give me years of good use.
Edmond14883182 Edmond14883182 4 years
Love the Leather tote. Very sturdy & holds lots of stuff. Pick me, pick me! Your next winner!!! Show me the money!!! It would be a dream come true and means more to me than anyone else to win. I don't have much in life. No money, girlfriend, friends, house, life, etc. Starving artist here desperately needs the $1000 prize to shop and eat again. Winner, winnner. Chicken dinner. A life changing experience. Top of my bucket list. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generousity.
Angela14882816 Angela14882816 4 years
I just love my Levi Skinny jeans they make me look so sexy and my booty looks so juicy :)
mjenkins0071 mjenkins0071 4 years
love bobbi brown,love to win for the holidays!
Kimberly14882149 Kimberly14882149 4 years
Bobbi Brown Luminous Moisturizing Treatment Foundation is truly wonderful, it hides oall the blemishes, and gives a nice clear sheen to my complexion. 5 stars for sure.
Jose14881793 Jose14881793 4 years
I would so love to win this ..
Charles14881387 Charles14881387 4 years
wonderful giveaways. male a wonderful Christmas gifts for my daughters.
sparklejewelsp59 sparklejewelsp59 4 years
great giveway
Erin14880491 Erin14880491 4 years
Love this!
kathbad654 kathbad654 4 years
love these
CoMMember13631154745437 CoMMember13631154745437 4 years
Clarks are the best shoes I have ever worn, so glad I found them.
Linda14873626 Linda14873626 4 years
Love my Clarks Shoes!
Joan14392168 Joan14392168 4 years
Wendy14868711 Wendy14868711 4 years
This is a great opportunity, I just bought my third pair of Clark's brand shoes, hopelessly addicted, same with Sketchers sneakers :) Very excited to be in this contest!! Wendy
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