Earlier this week celebrity "cook" Rachael Ray appeared on ABC's Nightline. She spoke about how her $18 million empire makes her queasy, how she's not embarrassed to promote Dunkin Donuts, her love of Anthony Bourdain, and her pictures in FHM. With the recession, Ray — who's known for her fun affordable meals — is extremely accessible.

After the show aired, everyone from Epicurious to The New York Times wondered if the food world is finally starting to accept, and possibly adore, Ray for who she is. The Feedbag's Josh Ozersky even declared that "Rachael Ray is now officially cool."

I've been a fan of Ray's since day one and continue to enjoy 30 Minute Meals and her magazine on a regular basis. With so much industry talk about her lately, I want to know: How do you feel about her, readers?