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Rachael Ray to Open Hamburger Restaurant

While she's hosted multiple television shows and even coined culinary phrases, Rachael Ray has never owned a restaurant. Until now. The celebrity chef has announced her plans to open a burger joint in midtown New York sometime next year. The news is not surprising, since Ray's always been big on burgers: On the Food Network website she has 70 different burger recipes. According to Ray the eatery will be:

A '60s back-in-the-day Rat Pack-y kind of hangout, and I want the bar to be really central [and] the burgers to become a very social thing. I want people to come to the bar to see beautiful proper martinis being made and to enjoy some sliders while they're doing business or sit in the dining room and have fine dining in ground form.

There's no word on what burgers will make the menu, but one thing's for sure: You can bet they'll have interesting names. Some of Ray's burger recipes include the blue-rugula burger, the Kentucky burgoo burger, and the jerky turkey burger.

Are you surprised that Rachael Ray is finally opening a restaurant? Would you eat there? Have you ever made one of her burgers?


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galnyc galnyc 8 years
1st off.. for the person who said she has bad food how do you know this? 2nd her food and burgers are not what so ever bad. I met her at an event she was hosting..and the food was A+. I also made her burgers and other food ideas at home came out very good. I think this would be a GREAT idea for her to open something like this in NYC..we need it..tired of the same ol burgers with crap in them.
crystahl crystahl 8 years
yum-o! haha
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
well i think that it's about time that she's opened a place and i think that if i liked her more i would be really excited. i saw this on TV actually since they were talking about it- and it seems to be right in line with what she does since she's always hosting the BURGER BASH at the food and wine festivals. i'm sure that she'll see success in this one, and maybe i'll go there when it opens and give you guys my review.
AmberHoney AmberHoney 8 years
I wish she'd put one closer to my home.
Soniabonya Soniabonya 8 years
ugh. haters. I'm not surprised she's opening her own place, just surprised it has taken her this long. She's freaking everywhere. I've tried a couple of her recipes and absolutely loved them. if i was ever in NYC, I'd try out her resturant. The idea and the atmosphere sounds fun. I'd go for the experience mostly, and good food, as long as the prices are reasonable :)
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 8 years
can i go in there, spend 40 bucks and leave no tip?
FNCrazy FNCrazy 8 years
It's actually kind of surprising to me that it has taken this long for ray-ray to open a restaurant. Not that's she's needed the extra income, but it just seems like the thing to do...
cravinsugar cravinsugar 8 years
Yes! I think i will make this a destination along with London. restaurant!
LoveSarah LoveSarah 8 years
Jeez, what's with all the haters? She's quirky, and I like that. I say good for her, everything I've ever made from her has been great, so if I lived in NYC I would eat there.
dootsie dootsie 8 years
I hope she chokes on her own burgers. Good or bad, I don't really care how her recipes are. I have some awesome burger recipes, too. Does that mean I deserve to be on television? Nooo.
MissyB1984 MissyB1984 8 years
I find her voice SO annoying, but I do enjoy her recipes.
TxRdRaider TxRdRaider 8 years
I love her burger recipes...especially the stuffed ones. I think it would be neat to try out the next time I'm in NYC...but I don't know when that'll be. When I was there last summer the bartender at Mesa Grill told us Bobby Flay is opening a casual eating place too. I think he said burgers.
Kelliegrl Kelliegrl 8 years
I'm not surprised that she's opening a restaurant. She seems to be a born-entrepreneur. I'd try the restaurant as long as she sold turkey or chicken burgers since I don't eat red meat.
tlsgirl tlsgirl 8 years
I rather liked the recipes that I've tried, but I don't know that I'd go to her restaurant.
Liss1 Liss1 8 years
I would go if i lived in NYC
mtiger mtiger 8 years
I wished I lived in NYC! I would totally go!
mlen mlen 8 years
as long as they don't become like $25 burgers or something i'd totally check it out
Dana18 Dana18 8 years
I would will go to the restaurant and I love her food. Her burger are very original and good. It is no surprise she is opening a restaurant. She has her hands in everything.
demure20 demure20 8 years
I'm really looking forward to her burger restaurant though I've never tried any of her burger recipes.
psterling psterling 8 years
I wouldn't mind trying it.
syako syako 8 years
before this post turns into another tirade against everything Rachel Ray, I would like to answer your question - which is yes, I have made her burgers. And, yes, I've loved every one of them... whether they were with beef, lamb, ground sirloin, ground turkey - whatever, they've always come out juicy and delicious. So even if you hate her, I'd at least look at some of those 70 recipes.
Gabriela14815884 Gabriela14815884 8 years
I think its good for her. I have made a few of her burgers and I love them so I would definitely go there and check it out.
flyingroo flyingroo 8 years
One more way to put money in her pocket and serve bad food.
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