While she's hosted multiple television shows and even coined culinary phrases, Rachael Ray has never owned a restaurant. Until now. The celebrity chef has announced her plans to open a burger joint in midtown New York sometime next year. The news is not surprising, since Ray's always been big on burgers: On the Food Network website she has 70 different burger recipes. According to Ray the eatery will be:

A '60s back-in-the-day Rat Pack-y kind of hangout, and I want the bar to be really central [and] the burgers to become a very social thing. I want people to come to the bar to see beautiful proper martinis being made and to enjoy some sliders while they're doing business or sit in the dining room and have fine dining in ground form.

There's no word on what burgers will make the menu, but one thing's for sure: You can bet they'll have interesting names. Some of Ray's burger recipes include the blue-rugula burger, the Kentucky burgoo burger, and the jerky turkey burger.

Are you surprised that Rachael Ray is finally opening a restaurant? Would you eat there? Have you ever made one of her burgers?