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Ramp Pesto Recipe

Ramp Pesto

Enjoy ramps while they last! Need a place to start? Take a nod from OnSugar blog Fresh Tart and make garlicky ramp pesto.

ramp pesto

The calendar says May, but the temperature reads February, with mean little snow flurries icing our not-spring cake.

It pretty much sucks.

But there are ramps!  Lovely, garlicky-grassy ramps, which taste like spring, and that means something.


There's a recipe — and more! — after the break.

ramp pesto

I actually prefer them just gently warmed, so they keep their garlicky bite, which makes them perfect for pesto. We're eating ramp pesto on everything - tossed with the pasta above, dabbed on the pot roast below, stirred into mayo and then generously smeared on sandwiches and swiped through with steamed artichoke leaves.

pot roast with ramps

In case you're wondering what on earth is sitting atop the pot roast, those are...ramps! That I put on the grill, forgot about, and burned the heck out of. They were still delicious, crispy with the tender beef, set off by the fresh pesto.

When spring gives you spring.  Yeah.

[For two more versions, delicious uses, and lovely pics, check out my friends Laurie and Angharad's ramp pesto posts on their blogs Relish It and Eating for England.  We Minnesota girls love our ramp pesto!]

Ramp Pesto
Makes about 1 cup

2 bunches ramps, washed, ends trimmed
1/2 c. Italian parsley
1/2 c. toasted nuts (I used cashews)
1/4 c. grated Parmesan cheese
squeeze of fresh lemon
extra-virgin olive oil
salt & pepper

Puree ramps, parsley, nuts, cheese, and lemon in the bowl of a food processor.  With the processor running, slowly pour in enough oil to create a loose paste.  Taste the pesto and add salt & pepper as needed, another squirt of lemon if you like, perhaps a bit more oil.  Store covered, chilled, for up to one week.

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Join The Conversation
FreshTartSteph FreshTartSteph 6 years
Rebecca: I hope you enjoy! I like making pesto from them because you can use it in so many ways. Also, you end up only gently heating them (stirring into pasta or soup, etc.) which preserves their flavor. Really fun! GummiBears: I find them consistently at Whole Foods...and yes, at farmers' markets. Good luck!
GummiBears GummiBears 6 years
I need to find market that sells ramps. I want to at least try them once.
Rebecca-M-Gruber Rebecca-M-Gruber 6 years
Thank you, thank you! I just discovered ramps and am trying to figure out ways to use them! I'm making this tonight!
FreshTartSteph FreshTartSteph 6 years
Ah thank you Lindsay, we suffer together, ha. Ramps help :) And brr, I'm freezing!
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