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Reader Recipe: Asian Stroganoff/Drunken Noodle Combo

I love looking through my pantry and "inventing" recipes with the resources at my fingertips. Sometimes you end up with a fantastic creation that you might not have tried before. Over in the Lite'n it Up recipe group, TeamSugar member mymaria posted a pantry creation that she calls Asian Stroganoff/Drunken Noodle Combo - and from the looks of it, it looks like a pantry hit! It's a hearty egg noodle dish full of ground turkey, sautéed veggies inside of a sweetened soy flavoring. I can't wait to try this one at home and suggest you do the same! To check out the recipe,

Asian Stroganoff/Drunken Noodle Combo
Recipe Submitted by mymaria

I played around with a combination of recipes I already had lying around and what I had hanging around in my fridge and pantry and came up with this recipe. It's a cross between a stroganoff and drunken noodles I would say:

cooking spray
1/2 medium onion, chopped
1/2 red pepper, chopped
1/2 green pepper, chopped
1/2 lb ground turkey
1 egg
1 cup chicken stock*
2 tbs cup low sodium soy sauce
3 tbs mirin
1 tbs brown sugar
broad egg noodles, cooked according to package directions**
1/2 nori sheet, diced
2 tbs sesame seeds, toasted

Cook noodles according to package instructions. While noodles are cooking, saute onion and peppers over medium high heat until onions are soft. Add ground turkey and continue cooking until it is no longer pink. Once it almost cooked all the way, add egg and scramble and mix into mixture until thoroughly cooked. Meanwhile, combine sauce ingredients (chicken stock through brown sugar). For each serving, use large bowl and place noodles, then meat/vegetable mixture, then pour sauce and then sprinkle with sesame seed/nori mixture. Ratio of noodle/meat to sauce is so there is liquid but it's not really soup like, but of course, serve according to taste. Enjoy!

* I always use Better than BouillonTM products to make my stock. Highly recommend using this product if you don't already use it.
** I always use the No Yolk noodles, great taste and less choleterol and fat than regular egg noodles.

SU3 SU3 10 years
I usually use the No Yolk noodles too - this sounds like a great recipe!
tchan01 tchan01 10 years
Thanks btw, YumSugar.
tchan01 tchan01 10 years
biscuit girl ;-) you're soo funny! haha...too cute :-D
bigestivediscuit bigestivediscuit 10 years
Ooh Yum, it's good to hear I'm not the only one who likes to snack on the mini snack-size nori sheets! I especially like the spicy ones ... this recipe looks simple but fabulous, I will definitely have to try it soon.
KittyKatgrr KittyKatgrr 10 years
I lost my job, so pantry raiding is how i have been eating. I think i'll try this, maybe with ramen noodles instead of egg!!
Food Food 10 years
a nori sheet is a dried seaweed sushi (the kind they wrap sushi with), you can find them in the "ethnic" aisle at grocery stores, or at asian grocery stores etc. They actually come in snacksized individually wrapped pieces which I love to snack on! (although I've only seen this at the asian store).
mollipop mollipop 10 years
Looks delish!
CestLaVie CestLaVie 10 years
Sounds fabulous. Good inspiration for making things out of ingredients "lying around"
tchan01 tchan01 10 years
Wow, I think may try this. But what is a nori sheet?
ALSW ALSW 10 years
I still haven't tried it, but I want to! One of these nights...
crispet1 crispet1 10 years
This sounds wonderful!
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