drool-worthyAt first glance, reader mandiesoh's recipe for Dark Chocolate Puds looks like a big gooey cookie (which is definitely what caught my attention). However, when you read through it and view all of her awesome step-by-step pictures, you'll see that it's actually a type of muffin/cake with a gooey chocolate center. Talk about tasty! To check out mandiesoh's recipe,

Recipe from mandiesoh

Another recipe from GoodFood Magazine: 101 Tempting Desserts. Slightly modified, here's my version of Dark Chocolate Puds! (pssst. its really yummy!)



100g/4oz butter, chopped and extra for greasing
50g/2oz plain plour, plus extra for dusting
100g bar dark chocolate, broken
8 cubes of dark choc (for middle)
3 eggs
85g/3oz caster sugar

Serves 8


1. Preheat oven at 200C/Gas 6. Butter and lightly flour muffin tray

2. Melt dark chocolate and butter in microwave, roughly 2 mins

3. Whisk eggs and sugar until mixture leaves a trial on top when whisk blades are lifted.

4. Stir in flour, then chocolate mixture.
Pud mixPud mix

5. Pour into muffin tray.
Nice and gooey!Nice and gooey!

6. Push in a cube of dark chocolate into centre of each.
Cabury Gold Dark Choc :drool:Cabury Gold Dark Choc :drool:

Nice and deep people! :pNice and deep people! :p

7. Place on baking tray and bake 16-20mins.

8. Cool for 5 mins, and turn out onto plates.
cakey on the outside.....cakey on the outside.....

moist and chocolatey on the inside!moist and chocolatey on the inside!

Serve warm or at room temp.