I was browsing through TeamSugar when I came across this recipe for "Macaroni" and Cheese with Juicy Turkey Breasts. TeamSugar member celebrity_soup learned that her grandmother had never tasted mac & cheese before and decided to remedy the situation. There were no elbow noodles available, so she went for spaghetti noodles instead. The end result looks absolutely delicious, and I bet her grandma was thrilled! To check out her recipe,

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Special "Macaroni" & Cheese Along with Juicy Turkey Breasts

I made this DELICIOUS recipe when I was on vacation in Europe about 2 weeks ago. I stayed a bit at my grandma’s house and couldn’t help but cook some food after always eating at restaurants! So I cooked up some cheesy magic for dinner, something my grandma never tasted before, mac & cheese baby, For this I used spaghetti so lets say its more of a gourmet cheesy pasta thing. I got a lot of compliments on this dish, some cousins ate over. It was perfect!
2 tbsp. flour
1 cup skim milk
Your favorite creamy cheese (I used some fresh, French, creamy goats cheese)
Feta cheese
½ cup chopped up tomatoes
Some ham (I used turkey ham)
1 tbsp. butter or margarine
Salt and pepper

On medium heat add the milk and flour at once, stir rapidly with a fork or whisk. Add in the salt, pepper, thyme and butter (always stirring). Once it starts to get a little thick add in all of the cheese and ham. Keep on stirring and meanwhile have your pasta drained and ready to be tossed in the mixture. Before adding the pasta, add all of the tomato and cover for 3minutes. Then, add the pasta and ketchup (this is what changes this dish completely into something out of this world delicious).

Turkey/Chicken breasts my way:

Grab your breast and sprinkle in some salt, pepper, paprika and chopped up garlic. Rub this on breast until it’s completely covered all over. Then, add in some white wine or lemon juice. Let it marinate for an hour. Once it’s ready grab a skillet and get it nice and hot, drizzle in some olive oil and add the breasts. Let them fry nicely and viola!