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Reader Tip: Elegant Icing Spheres

I was checking out the Cake Decorators Unite group when I discovered this Christmas Cake from TeamSugar member 4BYRDS. It's a beautiful cake that's been dusted with gold luster dust and topped with three golden ornaments. If you're wondering how she crafted those elegant ornaments, her secret was to inflate small balloons and then pipe royal icing on to the outside. Once it had set, she popped the balloon and voila, beautiful cake toppers. To check out more pictures and see what she had to say about her cake, read more.

From TeamSugar member 4BYRDS

I made this cake today for a christmas party. It's a white chocolate cake with rasberry filling. Then I iced it with buttercream and poured ganache over the top. I made ornaments using royal icing drawn onto a balloon and then popped the balloon when it was dry. I added gold luster dust to them and put them on top of the cake. I also sprinkled luster dust across the ganache. Finally I made Holly out of buttercream fondant which is so easy and quick to make! This is my favorite cake so far. It was fun and a lot easier than it looked!

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