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America’s new obsession is back! TLC’s Extreme Couponing returns. For those of you that have wondered who actually clips and saves, we have got your answer. Across the country, families are saving thousands of dollars by literally creating grocery stores in their very own basements! From lifetimes of soup to years worth of diapers and toothpaste, you’ll see the dedication of shopping on a budget and be intrigued by those that can pull it off. Tune in to the premiere on Sept. 28 at 10/9 CDT to be amazed and inspired by the commitment of these everyday people.

mscc mscc 5 years
I'm watching the premiere tonight! I could use some tips on how to organize deals and stuff. If you stock up on loads of extras, you can always donate it to charity like I know some people do.
youthfulhomemaker youthfulhomemaker 5 years
I really feel like this show isn't healthy at all. I feel like the families on this show are just organized hoarders with coupons. I am a couponer, and I have saved a lot of money, but it is very frustrating that becasue of this show stores are becoming a lot more strict with their coupon policies becasue they think we're all insane nut jobs.
s4gsw33t s4gsw33t 5 years
These people are crazy! I'm pretty sure I would stress out if I had to juggle all those coupons AND match them up every single week with every single store. But more props to them if they can save their famililes all that $$!!
magickofreiki magickofreiki 5 years
I find it odd that there's an ad for TLC's Extreme Couponing show on Sure, these men and women get great deals and a lot of free stuff, but NONE of it is healthy. 50 boxes of RiceaRoni, white flour pasta, artificial juice drinks, etc is not my idea of a "deal." I'd rather pay more and eat a healthy diet. These women are on the fast track to obesity and typical American health problems.
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