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Recap 3rd Episode of Top Chef Vegas

Top Chef Vegas: Episode 3

For the first time this season, the Vegas theme was played down on this week's episode of Top Chef. Instead the cheftestants worked their magic with potatoes and had an emotional experience while cooking for members of the US Air Force. Did you catch the show? Want to talk about it? Well — warning spoilers ahead — please


  1. Was Mark Peel a judge because Bravo hoped he would go further on Top Chef Masters?
  2. Do the quickfire challenges seem easier this season?
  3. Who did you side with in the boiling water mishap: Preeti or Ashley?
  4. How clever was Ash to change his ice cream into a custard?!
  5. Gosh there are a lot of contestants! Did anyone else feel like the quickfire tasting went on forever?
  6. Wasn't it interesting that the cheftestants selected an executive chef and broke into teams without Padma ordering them to do so? Or did Bravo edit that out?
  7. If you were told you could only cook one type of food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
  8. How gross did the pasta salad look?! I felt like I could have made a better pasta salad.
  9. How fun is the brotherly competition? I'm totally caught up in the drama of it all! (But, I'm on Team Mike.)
  10. Did the judges get rid of the correct chef?

In general what did you think? Which chefs do you like? And not like?

Photo courtesy of Bravo

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