With Top Chef Masters officially over we can finally turn our attention to getting to know the 16 remaining chefs on Top Chef Vegas. The second episode aired last night and after watching, I've come to several conclusions. Mike might be the world's biggest douche, Kevin's beard and Jesse's lip ring are distracting, and Jennifer scares me. To discuss all the delicious details,


  1. Todd English: hot or not?
  2. Re: Jennifer — Does a female have to be mean and tough to succeed as a chef?
  3. Do you enjoy the behind-the-scenes videos Bravo airs during the commercials?
  4. My favorite line: "It's true, gay guys grow flowers better than straight guys." What quote stood out in your mind?
  5. Was Ashley being too sensitive or does she have a right to be offended?
  6. Isn't it weird that the bachelor/ette parties are in the exact same place?
  7. Did the producers choose the boys vs. girls challenge because they knew it was easy drama? The boys put down the girls, the girls put down the boys. The boys think they are better, the girls think they are better. The boys act stupid and jump in the pool, the girls act superior and annoyed. It seemed scripted.
  8. That being said, don't the boys' dishes seem way more sophisticated than the girls?
  9. Could the brothers make it to the final three?
  10. Overall, how do you feel about this season so far?

Did I forget something? Please bring up more discussion points below!

Photo courtesy of Bravo